Along the Mohican

An amazing display of waterfalls and lush forest environment in Rickets Glen, photographed in the rain.


Glade Creek Grist Mill

Crimson reds and sulfur yellows of bigtooth maple and old growth oaks fill the Forest where the quintessential Appalachian mill, Glade Creek Grist Mill stands in West Virginia. A living monument to the over 500 mills which thrived in West Virginia at the turn of the century, the Glade Creek Grist Mill provides freshly ground cornmeal and buckwheat flour to this day!

Mabry Mill

Harkening to simpler times, mills such as these pay homage to the pioneers of America. When Edwin Boston Mabry built his water powered mill in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains, he had no way of knowing it would become one of the most photographed places in the United States. Limited Edition of 250

Oneida Falls

The sight of water tumbling over a cliff edge, rock face, or fault line is one of the most eye-catching spectacles in the American landscape. Waterfalls are a natural wonder to behold as they reveal more of the power and force of water than the meandering rivers or streams that feed them. The highest waterfalls aren’t always the most dramatic or picturesque either. In Ricketts Glen, none of the falls are especially high or vast. Rather, it’s their settings amid woodlands or surrounding rock faces, and the shape of the cascade that make these falls more than just a study of white sprays of water.


Murray Falls, Ricketts Glen State Park



Ozone Falls, Spring

Shawnee Falls, Ricketts Glen State Park

Notes from the Field

A tripod is essential to photographing waterfalls, and once you have decided on your composition, it proves even more vital for achieving a range of exposures and effects that can’t be executed by handholding the camera alone. The longer the shutter is kept open, the more the waterfall will blur. An exposure of around two seconds will capture the falls as a  rush of frothing water, while longer exposure times will render the waterfall as a soft, silky thread of water. 

Cucumber Falls