Iwo Jima

United States Air Force Memorial

Flight 93 Memorial

USAF Cadet Chapel

The Capitol Columns

The Three Soldiers

Speakman Covered Bridge

American Sculler

The Manhattan Skyline

In order to capture this shot I used my a Nikon D810 with a Zeiss Distagon 25mm. Using a long exposure, I was able to capture the mood, with the reflections of the buildings in the bay adding depth and dimension to the scene.



The Philadelphia Museum of Art PM

The Benjamin Franklin PM

Philly Skyline at Sunset

The Farm at Valley Forge

And Winter Comes

Coming in on a hush, a snowstorm sweeps across horse country in Chester County, dusting an outbuilding near Route 82. A tree, likely planted to give shade during the long, hot days of summer as well as a place for birds to nest, gives the scene a visual anchor.

Philly Lights

Philly has a special atmosphere. An amazing city with a real vibe. You can almost feel the electricity in the skyline. The reflected light and an 8 second exposure gave the image the quality that I was looking for. With so many shades, textures and lights this composition really says Philadelphia.

Martin Luther King Memorial

Washington Monument