Mystic Moment

Have you ever felt like something was drawing you in, something powerful like the ocean rising and falling, while at the same time it made you resist, wanting to move back? It might appear as a wave that washed over you and left behind an illuminating spark. If this is true you can be fairly sure this was a Mystic Moment!

Fishing Pier at 14th Street

It was 22 degrees out and I felt the wind on my skin while I watched the ocean rising and falling, the sand beneath my feet and the life giving energy of the sun. What an amazing experience of movement and stillness, color and sound.

Raceway Point, Cape Cod #1

West Quoddy LH, ME

Peggys Cove Harbour #1

Peggys Cove, NS

Waves of Light

Snowy Egret

Ocean Dreams

Peggys Cove LH

Annisquam Lighthouse

Cape May Lighthouse

Bass Harbor LH, ME

Spirit Reborn

59st Street Pier

Lorain Lighthouse

Mans' Best Friend

Split Rock Light House