YOU hear falling water before you see it, and the sound arouses an ancient curiosity – and we hike as though we are drawn to it by some ancient instinctive attraction.  Maybe it’s about the promise of a primeval thrill, or maybe about what obstacle lies next on the trail.  There is something about waterfalls and their continual renewal, which reminds me of the passage of time and the circle of life. The exhilarating experience of discovering them in a unique way, at the precise moment of exposure, for me is always new.

Oneida FallsThe Cold PonyAmerican Bald EagleSpeakmens' Covered BridgeWinter ComesSnow at LastMother Sky, Father EagleA Peaceful MorningOsprey FamilyI Am Circling Around GodSnowy EgretWatkins' GlenAlong the MohicanMabry MillGlade Creek Grist MillGreat EgretWoodpecker LuminescenceMurray Falls, Ricketts Glen State ParkOzone Falls, SpringAdams FallsCucumber FallsGone FishingGoing Home