James Evangelista creates images that celebrate the spirit and beauty of the American Landscape, and like his father before him, photography is his passion and his career.  “I photograph places that are meaningful to me, and sometimes that inspiration can come from unlikely places. In the world of solidity and structure, the silence of the desert, the play of light and shadow, and the forces of wind and water resounds with images that are stirring, touching, and profound”. Over the last thirty-five years, James has traveled all over the United States, Nova Scotia and Italy photographing the natural wonders of this country and beyond. His goal as a nature photographer is to show you views of our natural world in ways that you may not have seen before through careful composition, attention to detail and the creative use of beautiful light. The entire collection of his work is available in the form of fine art prints using only the highest quality printing and mounting processes available today.

In 2016 out of 1200 entries he received first place from The State Museum of Pennsylvania “Art of the State" exhibition for his photograph "Santa Rosa de Lima". In 2020 his photographs were included in the book "Our Magnificent Planet".  In 2022 he was awarded First Place at the Sonnenberg Arts Festival and also in 2022 he received "Master Artisan" status from the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, an award which is given to a photographer whose work is deemed to effectively demonstrate the powerful and memorable images of which photography is capable.

James is frequently seen participating in Fine Art festivals up and down the east coast showing his work and discussing the finer aspects of landscape photography which ties in perfectly with his desire to share his passion and appreciation of the beauty of our surroundings through photography.