Almost all my photography begins with the walk and a slow unfolding of place. The play of light and shadow and erosion caused by wind and water accompanies my journey. The photographs of ancient places, thousands of years old, the abstraction of composition; the geometric forms half-hidden in nature confirm that there is always more than we know, more grace and more mystery.  It is out of this intersection between the journey and a place that my photographs are born.


Penitente MoradaThe Raven and the RuinsDivine AscentMonument ValleyAmargosa Valley, NVValley of Fire, NVCapilla de Santa Rita, NMSan José de Gracia, NMSan Lorenzo de Picuris, NMSan Francisco de Asís  NMSanta Rosa de Lima, NMPictures Pueblo, NMSan Geronimo, NMRancho de Taos, NMAntelope Canyon, AZIseleta Pueblo, NMEl Santuario de Chimayó, NMGrandfather Is Calling